Strap the label products are designed in Melbourne 

Back in 2010, we began to design a range of handbags that would help women create and share their own style. A style that is as unique and beautiful as they are, but more importantly that they could control. 

About our ranges

A handbag and range of straps that are interchangeable and would not discontinue quickly to maintain a premium or become standardised so the wearer would end up looking like everyone else. 

Since then we have been working tirelessly to build Strap the label, the antidote to this fast fashion world. 

“Fashion is what’s being offered and worn by the many at a particular time. When you follow fashion, you are basically in a comparison mode, wanting to look and be seen like everyone else. The problem with fashion, or chasing it like so many of us try to do, is that it is set and influenced by others, not you. It launches and changes quickly so you are forced to pay to keep up to date. And the manufacturing is standardised so everything becomes the same or similar. 

It's why every instagram influencer, busy mum and friendship circle looks the same.

But style should be an indication of you, and who you are. For some it's about comfort over look, but for others it could be size over practicality, or colour and shape. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice and has nothing to do with fashion. 

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"STL, It’s your bag, your way”

Why we created STL

We're a brand that doesn’t make the decision for you. We want ALL WOMEN to be inspired and feel comfortable to create their own style through their choice of bag and strap combination. 

Named Strap, after the key element of the range, the designs are classic and timeless - most of all - they're versatile. Every item is designed in Melbourne, Australia and assembled by hand from premium, vegan materials.